5 DIY Projects From PVC Pipes For Your Homestead

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get crafty and construct your own items for around the house, then you’ll love these DIY projects you can make using PVC pipe. It might not seem like the kind of material that would lend itself well to making a range of useful and decorative items, but its actually extremely versatile.

PVC Pipe has about a kazillion uses. It’s durable, lightweight, fairly cheap and easy to work with.

As a matter of fact, if you’re a DIYer, chances are good you have some lying around from past projects. If not, no worries.

Just head down to your local home supply or hardware store and pick up what you need for these easy DIY projects for PVC pipe for your homestead!

PVC, piping is used for a variety of projects and tasks, including construction projects, household plumbing, greenhouse irrigation, and more. Normally, we think of this kind of material as a practical resource, but as it turns out, it can also be a very practical supply for DIY projects as well.

Below are 5 awesome projects you can put together using PVC pipe, ranging from handy household items, to creative games, and even some inventive storage. The best part? If any of these projects inspire you, you can easily pick up a ton of PVC from your local hardware store at extremely reasonable prices. Put the yarn and glue sticks aside: DIY just got tougher.

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1. PVC Pipe Strawberry Planter Tower

Though this is shown being used with strawberries, you could use it as a plant stand for many different types of hanging or climbing plants.

Great if you’re trying to garden in a limited space or if you just want your plants close together for easy care and harvesting.

All you need for this project is PVC pipe, fittings, a saw and some PVC glue too.


2. PVC Pipe Hanging Planters

This project is crazy easy even if you’ve never built anything in your life. It’s a great homesteading project because it turns empty space into a hanging garden. You could grow everything from herbs to lettuce and peppers in here depending upon the size pipe you use. This is a great project for apartment gardeners, too.

All you need is some eye hooks, PVC Pipe and rope or chain to hang them from. For tools, a saw and a drill will get the job done. The best part is that the project is so simple that you don’t even need detailed instructions; all you need is the visual!


3. PVC Longbow

Bows are expensive and can break, but this PVC longbow is durable, easy to make and perfect for the person who needs a weapon in a hurry.

If you’re in a survival situation, you can make this weapon quickly and easily with no power. All you need is PVC pipe, some pipe insulation or other material for the grip, a string and a hacksaw.

4. PVP Pipe Chicken Coop

Lumber is expensive and rots fairly quickly. If you want to build a chicken coop that’s affordable, and even possibly portable, then this is the project for you.

All you need is PVC pipe, glue, chicken wire, zip ties for the wire, and a saw. Another beautiful aspect of this project is that the coop would be easy to expand if you get more chickens.

You could also use this PVP pipe chicken coop to house other animals such as goats. You can even toss on some corrugated plastic panels to provide shelter for your chickens. This is a great weekend project that you could do with the kids.


5. PVC Watering Grid for Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening is a great way to help many people get more freshly harvested food to the table.

You can save yourself some serious watering time, as well as help keep the water to your plants regulated, if you use this PVC grid watering system.

It’s extremely simple to make and you can use either a traditional water hose or hook it to your off-grid watering system. If you’d prefer, you can modify this plan to suit any size garden as long as you adjust the size of the squares.

It’s a great project to involve the kids in. All you’ll need is PVC pipe, glue, caps, fittings and a saw and drill.


We hope that you’ve gained some value from these ideas about how to use PVC pipe for your homesteading projects.

If you have any useful ideas that you don’t see here, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!

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