American Troops Staging at the Border of Germany and Russia – Merkel Attempted Assasination She Breaks With Elite, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, and U.S. Say’s Store Food

I just received a notice from Ex Member of English Parliament Simon Parkes. So much is going on and here it comes. First let me talk about Farsight Institute who did a remote viewing experiment of the future events for August. They predicted an explosion that would be from an object coming from space. Space X has exploded at re-entry at the Kennedy space center. Here is he video of Dick Alguire recorded on July 16th. He even described a mushroom cloud that would appear. I find this amazing.


It is not known if this was an accident or a false flag. Over the last six weeks the U.S. military has moved to the border of Russia and Germany and some German towns. . Multiple transport aircraft belonging to England and the U.S. have have left England in the last three weeks bound for the area around Russia and Germany and returned empty. Parkes states that the these transports are delivering armor to  the area around Germany and Russia. And of course the main stream media has kept this a silent..This can only go on for so long.

The elite have given up on Angela Merkel and that was announced on the 24th of August by Parkes and an attempted assassination attempt was made on the 26th of August. A Black Mercedes tried to join her motorcade in the Czech Republic. The intruder was found with a gun and grenades. It is not known if this was a false flag to scare Merkel into compliance or a real murder attempt. It  was anticipated that Russia would react to the build up and start a world war. This did not happen. Merkel at the surprise of the illuminati  responded by telling the people of Germany to store food and she also stated she would start a conscription army. Merkel was told that her country is finished and she should roll over.

All the Biblical signs of the end times have been fulfilled and we are living in the last days. See this video for evidence of this generation living in the end times.


Her response was not expected. She said we will fight. What is not known is, The President  of the Czech Republic asked his Prime Minister if it was feasible to give every citizen a gun.  We do not have a answer. They have also told the citizens to store water and food for 10 days.  Finland has informed it’s people to store food and water as they share a border with Germany. They told it’s citizens to store food and water.  It is also being discussed by a Finnish General that all Finnish citizens should be armed. Also no decision has been made.  This is all being done because of an expected collapse and the area is expecting a war. Mr Parkes indicates this will not happen. He has also heard that a General in the Norwegian Army suggests that all Norwegian people should be armed.

What he has indicated is that a financial collapse will take place with the following banks leading the way Deutsch Bank followed by either by Citi Bank in the U.S. or Barclays Bank in the U.K. When these three banks fail there will be economic collapse in the western world. Simon feels this is all to being done to the economy because all the polls indicate that Trump will be elected. He feels this is all being done to declare Marshall law and postpone the elections.

I have been following Simon Parkes for the last two years and he has always known what is going on in the world within minutes as an ex member of Parliament.

It is suggested that that Germany and Italy have refused to send troops to Syria which resulted in an earthquake in Italy. And now the threats to Germany. A group exists that are hell bent on creating armageddon. When Angela Merkel  stood up to the elite they made an attempt on her life.

Friends if and when the economic collapse occurs the food distribution will stop. Store food and water. The elite have always had the end of 2016 marked for collapse and a one word Government.


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