How to Carve Halloween Pumpkins FUN and EASY!

What would Halloween be without a carved pumpkin sitting on your porch or at the window looking out at all the trick-or-treaters? Make this Halloween special by carving your own pumpkin. Here’s how!

If you’ve ever gone trick-or-treating, you know that some people take pumpkin carving to the extreme.
But for those of us who are less artistically inclined, carving a pumpkin can be a frustrating experience at best and a dangerous one at worst. I can’t even count how many times I’ve tried to cut a shape into the side of a rind and almost sliced my own fingers off instead.

And all of that doesn’t even take into consideration how messy and complicated it is to even clean the pumpkin out in the first place. What if there was a better way? So if you don’t want to waste money this Halloween, here are an easy way to make your jack-o’-lantern “special” and last even longer.

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Here are 3 important tips to consider before we start

Tips 1:”Select a healthy pumpkin. When you’re choosing a pumpkin, try to pick one that’s free of nicks, bruises, and cuts. Look for a sturdy stem that doesn’t feel too bendable, and for mostly consistent color all the way around. Knock or thump on the skin like you would a melon; if you hear a hollow sound, the pumpkin is ripe. Remember you can always wash the pumpkin with an old cloth when you get home. Remember if you carve it too early, keep it in a bucket of water so it’ll keep its moisture.”

Tips 2:”Pick the size you need. If you’re planning on an elaborate pumpkin carving, note that a larger gourd means more work. If you have kids and simply plan on drawing faces on your pumpkins with a permanent marker, try picking up several small to medium samples for them to put different designs on.”

Tips 3:”Choose a safe display area. If you’re using a candle in your pumpkin, place it in an area away from flammable items. For instance, don’t place it near a hay bale or scarecrow; those items could light on fire if your pumpkin gets jostled or knocked over. Additionally, take care that a trick-or-treaters’ dangling costume won’t get caught by the candle’s flame.

  • If you’re using a candle to light your pumpkin and placing it on anything wooden, place a 8″-10″ (20cm x 25cm) dinner plate down first, to catch wax and avoid setting wooden porches, tables, or stairs on fire.”

Step 1.

The beater blade does an incredible job of removing all the gooey strings and seeds from the sides of the pumpkin, making them easy to scoop out.

Step 2.

Then you can use different sized drill bits to create patterns instead of handling slippery knives.

Step 3.

Finally, throw some candle or Christmas lights inside and avoid any fire hazards.
Pumpkin FUN and EASY!

You can watch the whole process from start to finish here.

Video first seen on: RussOlsenVideos

Now you can slay the pumpkin carving game and avoid risking your poor fingers in the process. You need those!