DIY Project: How to Make Your Own Sun Jar

You’ve seen the Sun Jar and you love it. The trouble is the price. You can’t just fathom paying $45 for each solar light. You’d be paying almost $500 to light up your garden and your rooms. That just doesn’t make any sense! Thankfully, here at Unplggd, our readers were quick to point out that you can easily assemble your own Sun Jar for a fraction of the cost.

We love the Sun Jars, but they are a bit too expensive for what they are worth. Urban Outfitters is selling them for $45. We’ve been told that you can get these from resellers for $20 each, but that is still quite expensive when you want to light up your garden or a few rooms. One of our readers pointed out that he made a lamp like this a few years ago and everyone liked it. After searching around on Instructables, we found this guide to make your Sun Jars a whole lot cheaper than the $45 list price.

1. Ikea glass jar (AUD$3.00)
2. Solar garden light (AUD$10.00)
3. rechargeable battery (AA size)
4. Blu-tack
5. Tracing paper

1. screwdriver
2. Utility Knife
3. Glass Frosting spray

Step 1: Bringing them together

Step A:
Rip open the innards of the solar garden light. I know that may sound ambiguous but you’d be able to use a utility knife and surgically dissect the relevent components out (see image). Solar garden lights are easily available at your local major hardware store. If you’re in Australia, try Dick Smith Powerhouse.Step B:
Flip open the ikea jar and place the “solar garden light innards” as shown in the picture. Use blu-tack to keep it all together. Feel free to play around with the placements so the components would fit snuggly into the jar.Step C:
Cut a strip of tracing paper and place it in the glass jar.
Use a Glass Frosting spray .Step D:
Close the lid of the glass jar with tender care and you’re done.

Step 2: Charging and Usage

Charging and Usage

1.The light sensing diode on top of the jar should cause the LED to light up once ambient light diminishes below a certain threshold.

2.Keep the jar by a window with strong sunlight to charge the rechargeable batteries via the solar panel.

3. Enjoy your home-made sun jar or give it away as a cool gift.

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