DIY Projects: A Solar Energy System That Works At Night

Solar energy is power from the sun. But what about power during the night?

Here’s how it’s done:

Batteries! Solar energy is radiant energy collected from the sun. Not only can it be harnessed and converted immediately to household electricity, but it can also be harnessed and stored in special batteries to be used later (when the sun goes down).

While the technicalities of a solar energy power system may be somewhat complicated and require a certain level of “know-how” in the field of electro-mechanical & electronics, these systems can be professionally installed or you might even consider doing it yourself if you have the knowledge and abilities to DIY.

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The key to a 24-hour (around the clock) solar energy system is battery storage.

Not only will battery storage capacity provide energy during the night, but even during the day you might encounter a period of cloudiness which will reduce energy output from PV (photo-voltaic) solar panels. Batteries (a battery bank) however will make up the difference when solar output is reduced or gone during the night.

The design of a battery storage system requires its own unique technical expertise while considering the specific battery type, size, charge/discharge parameters, load expectations, configuration and interconnection, and much more (which is not the thrust of this brief post).

FYI, My current battery bank at home consists of (24) Trojan 31-AGM deep-cycle batteries which provide enough stored energy to run the house without issue overnight (and then some…).

For those who may be interested in procuring your own solar energy system with sufficient power to run your essential systems at home (or more), or to install in your trailer, RV, or cabin, I found this battery which looks intriguing and is rated with excellent reviews:

Designed for Use with Pv Solar Panels, Smart chargers wind Turbine and Inverters

12 Volt 125Ah Group 31 AGM Deep Cycle Heavy Duty Battery
Military grade custom made plates
Float service life span of 8 to 10 years
Designed for no dangerous fumes or gases.

Alternative energy sources are a great way to further your self-sufficiency and decrease your dependency on other external systems. I plan to write more articles about this in the future.

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