The first sign that tyranny is on the prowl does not come in the form of oppressive laws, but through a shift in cultural and societal thinking

Abraham Lincoln said it best: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.

How can this house, our nation, continue to stand, when so many people are trying to tear it down? I’m not talking about our overseas enemies, but the enemies within. Those who are supposedly Americans, but want nothing more than to destroy America. They are our own worst enemies.

The first sign that tyranny is on the prowl does not come in the form of oppressive laws, but through a shift in cultural and societal thinking. The focus will turn from preserving individual liberty and free markets, to a more collective way of thinking.

It’s no longer about what is best for the individual, but what is best for the group. Once this shift happens culturally, it begins to infect the government, which then typically seeks to level the playing field and create a utopian society.

The government then slowly turns away from its true purpose as a protector of individual liberty, and instead starts to act like a clingy parent.

It will try and tell people that the government knows what is truly best for them, and will make laws to try and force members of society to be morally perfect. According to their own set of criteria, of course.

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Socialism and Communism have always started out with the best of intentions. An attempt by the government to redistribute wealth so that those who “have” are sharing equally with those who “have-not.” It sounds beautiful in theory.

However, all this truly does is give the government all of the power to call the shots, which always ends in the oppression of a people group.

When we see a number of these signs happening at the same time, we can be sure that a country is on the road to tyranny, even though they might not be on the brink of revolution or of a complete breakdown of society.

  • Supply shortages – When people have a hard time getting the things that they need for day-to-day survival, they are likely to react in anger and violence. This happened in the Argentinean financial collapse, with hundreds of thousands of people turning out into the streets in protest. Many of those protests turned violent.
  • Increased crime rates – One of the principal purposes of government is to protect the people. This is manifested through the various police departments and court system; apprehending, trying and incarcerating criminals that threaten society. When the government can’t deal effectively with these criminals, it encourages others to join their ranks.
  • High unemployment and poverty – People who are fat and happy are not anywhere near as likely to rise up in revolt as those who are hungry and angry. When a government can’t create an environment which provides financial and material security to people, their anger spills forth in acts of defiance and lawlessness.
  • Government ignores citizen’s wishes – When a government stops paying attention to the wants and needs of their citizens, the people begin to distance themselves from the government; “divorcing” themselves from it. It is easy to rebel against a government that you don’t feel is yours or that you feel doesn’t care about your needs.
  • Financial instability – The financial climate of a country greatly affects people’s ability to take care of their basic needs and those of their families. A government which doesn’t provide an atmosphere of financial security is ignoring the people’s most basic needs.
  • Class and racial warfare – When a society becomes divided, people are more likely to turn against one another. This can turn to low-level warfare between different races or classes of people. Left long enough, it can lead to genocide.
  • Police brutality – Police are always outnumbered by citizens. When police feel threatened by the citizens that they are sworn to protect, they often turn respond with aggressiveness and violence. Police can only control the people when the vast majority of people are not involved in any social unrest. When the police are outnumbered by dissidents, they have to turn to more violent means of control, which can easily spark retaliation from citizens.

  • Lack of confidence in elected leaders – While there are always dissidents who are opposed to the elected leaders, when the vast majority of society loses confidence in them, they stop listening and stop obeying.
  • Lack of government funding – If the government does such a bad job of managing the economy that government revenues start to shrink, it can cause government services to be curtailed. Typically politicians will react to this by increasing taxes, especially on the middle class. Eventually, they reach the point where people find ways to stop paying taxes, further reducing government revenue.
  • The law stops having meaning – When the government stops obeying the law, it sends a message to the people that they too can stop obeying the law. Without the law to protect us, we are only a step away from anarchy.
  • A major disaster – Any major disaster can bring on anarchy in a moment; it doesn’t matter if it is a man-made or natural disaster. Plagues have been known to bring it on.

This Country Must Turn Around

Since when has the imagined needs of the few outweighed the needs of the many? Yet according to liberal logic, the needs of the few have become paramount; especially if those few have a loud political voice. If everyone else must suffer to satisfy them, then as far as the liberals are concerned, so be it.

This is absurd. Worse than that, it is tearing the country apart. We are reaching a point where we are no longer a Union, but a toxic mixture. No enemy will have to destroy our country, because these various groups of activists and their political lackeys will do it for them. As each one gets what they want, the country will die a little bit more.

Eventually, there won’t be much of a country left, and what is left will be weakened to the point where any enemy can just walk in and take over.

That may very well be part of the plan. We must remember that the liberal left is bent on a one world government. That’s their goal. They see a utopian paradise where every liberal in the world has their way, but all as part of one big happy family.

Of course, part of that is getting rid of those of us who don’t agree with them. Or, if not getting rid of us, then enslaving us with taxes, laws and political correctness, so that we are politically insignificant providers of taxes (without representation) to fund their favorite liberal causes.

We must become a country of laws once again. We must look to our fellow man once again; not to see what we can get from them, but to see how we can help them. We must stop pandering to every whim of every minority group and work together to reconcile our differences.

That doesn’t mean punishing some as an act of penance for imagined sins, but rather coming together and finding that common ground which once made this nation a true Union.