What Happens When The Stockpile Is Gone And There’s Nothing Available To Eat

It can be hard to imagine a looming food crisis when you can walk into your local grocery store and see shelves overflowing with abundance. You can find easily find everything you need, and plenty that you don’t.

But don’t let the full shelves fool you. While the sky may not actually be falling, the world is facing a food shortage. It’s only a matter of time until it hits. Until then, the government wants you to keep walking into the stores, feeling like everything is fine.

In the aftermath of a major crisis, just about anything can happen to your food supply.  This may include unexpected spoilage, theft, or other factors that cause your food supply to go dangerously low or run out.

You will need to be successful at hunting and foraging at least two weeks before supplies run out.

Basic Nutrients and What Happens When you Miss Them

There are 6 main nutrient areas required for good health: proteins (used for building and maintaining the body), carbohydrates (used for energy), fats (used for storage), fiber (no nutritional value, but keeps bowels healthy), and vitamins and minerals (used in just about every bodily process for signaling, beginning, and ending processes).

When you don’t have enough food, and those basic nutrients disappear from your diet, your body will react, as soon as the first signs of starvation appear.

Week 1: You become very hungry, angry, grumpy, irritable. You will begin to lose water weight, which triggers the body to start using fat reserves. Fat will burn immediately if you do not get enough carbohydrates to fuel the body.

This can set up a dangerous situation early on that causes kidney damage. Even if you are catching animals or consuming fish, it is extremely important to find a reliable source of fruit, greens, grain, or other plant based foods that will provide adequate carbohydrates since meat and fish tend to have little, if any usable carbohydrates.

Week 2: You start to get very depressed and begin to feel useless. There is an obvious loss of weight and a noticeable decline in muscle mass because the body is using muscles for protein to keep major organs functioning. Kidneys and liver will begin shutting down, eating will produce stomach pain and nausea.

Week 3: People start acting very crazy and would consider doing things that they normally would not do. Some may have starvation euphoria or other hallucinations at this stage, and perhaps even sooner depending on body weight at the beginning of the starvation period.

The body begins to swell from fluid under the skin. Victim may have bad diarrhea, and the stomach becomes unable to digest food due to decrease in stomach acid production.

Week 4: You have no energy. All that is left is to hang on and hope that you will make it. Most victims have hallucinations, go into convulsions, have horrible muscle pain, and unbelievable cramps through-out the body.

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How to Survive for Two Weeks if Your Food Supply Is Gone

Once you enter the first day with reduced food, there will be less time to hunt or preserve food, and more time will be spent recovering from exhaustion and other problems.

Then what is to be done for the survival of the group?

Send out hunting, fishing, and foraging parties

These parties must be sent out as soon as possible before the first week of no food begins. These groups may have to travel long distances into new hunting, fishing, and foraging areas where they may encounter other survivors that will be hostile to them.

When assigning food, you will have to balance the needs of those left behind with those who will go out and forage. Be aware that if they are not successful within the ration limits, they too will suffer from starvation and lose their ability to bring back food.

Search for edible plants, edible insects, and edible reptiles

When people are very hungry they will eat almost anything that they would never think of eating  under normal conditions.

Plants, insects, and reptiles when eaten can keep you alive and in good condition. However, don’t forget to test any new food if you are not absolutely sure that it is edible.

What to Hunt  and Fish 

When you go hunting, always use appropriate caliber bullets or pellets. Ammo that is too large will destroy the meat while ammo that is too small will not kill effectively and make it possible for prey to escape.

Also, being successful hunting certain types of game depends on your experience and the available equipment.

Hunting and foraging parties should be out searching for food long before the stockpile is over, than you should be able to preserve food so that it will last without spoiling.

Prepping doesn’t have to be about the end of the world as we know it, you may want to prepare for losing a job, losing one or both incomes, death, or economic troubles.

I personally prepare for my family. As a dad I want the best for my kids, so I rest safe knowing I can feed my kids for well over a year if I ever lose my job or God forbid, I die and my wife has to go back to work.

In case of a food shortage you should be aware that grocery stores only have about 3 days of food in stock. People will rush and buy as much as they can so probably the food will vanish in less than a day or hours.  So if anything was to disrupt the food supply chain for an extended period of time, there would be chaos in most communities. It’s very important to start preparing NOW.

We can look at the extreme examples like The Lost Ways, Claude Davis, for inspiration.

His book is an essential guide into the techniques, as well as the lifestyle that has enabled him to live completely and happily off the grid, without money, for more than 2 years.

His radical path is not one that many people would choose, however he proves that you can survive with very little money if that is your goal.

So, if you are interested in prepping and have no idea where to start the video below will be a massive help.

Thanks to Claude Davis for posting it and helping so many people. (take a look at the comments on the video too, they help a lot)

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  1. As anyone in grocery can tell you, no store has 3 days on hand. Well, it’s got 3 days or more of stuff that doesn’t sell fast like meat, milk, and bread. The canned foods will be around for a slightly longer period of time after the meat, milk, and bread are gone, but not that much longer. My store is almost always out of something and we hear about it from customers, even though we use computer ordering – the server knows everything we sell the instant we sell it and orders accordingly and we still run out. I can’t think of any store that has 3 days of milk, meat, or bread on hand, in a rush (storm, quake, other form of mass hysteria) we could be wiped out of meat milk bread by just a couple hundred customers. We simply don’t have enough space in the back end to hold more than that day’s grocery truck, then the bread truck adds to the lack of space. It’s so bad at my store when the trucks have offloaded our day to day delivery you can’t get from one end of the back to the other and can only get to the middle of the back by the meat dept access in the middle of the rear of the store. Needless to say the night stock guys love this arangement (sarcasm) and are hard pressed to keep night stockers as they give up and go elsewhere due to low pay yet lots of work that must be done. Our overworked and under stress night stock mgr is the single most important guy in the store, the backbone as it were, and if he left (due to any reason but most importantly shtf) the place would likely collapse. The mgrs would have to step in to take his place (because no one wants the job) and that wouldn’t last long. Hell, things are right on the edge without shtf! I was just asking some of the cashiers the other day if they ever wondered how this place keeps on going, and I know my store isn’t out of the ordinary in any way save for being a town of 12k. A co worker went to a store in a much larger town (Evansville IN – 120k population) for the summer and came back with all sorts of stories about people gathering up armfulls of groceries and just walking out, she even tried to follow one out and yelled at her to stop and pay for the stuff and the woman (can you guess her skin color?) never even turned around and that is just one example. No one in the store is allowed to hold a shoplifter, apparently. And this is when things are still kinda ok, meaning not shtf. She quickly grew tired of being there and came back to us, where the shop[lifters are much more discrete and infrequent.

    I imagine most stores are operating in exactly the same fashion, and it’s all due to a thing called jit, just in time, as in the truck only delivers just enough to cover the gap till the next day, more or less. Also, the distribution warehouse might have a bit more on hand than a given store, but they operate on jit mode too, they don’t want food to spoil in their hands and pretty much ship it as soon as they get it. Matter of fact, when the warehouse is low on something the stores that have higher sales get what’s on hand at the warehouse while the stores in the backwaters are sent less or nothing at all of the low stock items. This is just some therapeutic rantings from someone playing a role at a point in feeding this freaking country.
    One thing I was thinking just yesterday as I dumped some trash from the front end into one of the dumpsters, looking at all the produce, pies, cuts of meat and fish that lay there in that dumpster because the date was off by a day, how much I’m going to be haunted by those images of hundreds of pounds of food thrown away (only because America is the litigation nation) when shtf.

    It all boils down to this; if the trucks (and trains) stop rolling it’s all over.

  2. If you’re new to prepping/hunting, when considering firearms it’s important to think in terms of niches.
    For small game (squirrel, rabbit, possum etc), a .22 rifle with a scope is best.
    For larger game (wild hog, deer) a .30-30 with a scope is a good choice but there are other great larger-caliber guns.
    For fowl/birds like dove, pheasant or turkey, you need a shotgun with about #6 shot. Ammo for 12-ga. shotguns is most common.
    If you’ve never gutted/butchered an animal, you need to watch a video of it first, then print out notes with pictures.

    For fishing, besides a rod-and-reel setup consider getting a fish spear. These can easily be found in at least two sizes. The spears I’m talking about look like a barbed trident. The smaller spears, or “gigs”, can be used to gig frogs. Go out on a summer night with your frog gig, knife, flashlight and a plastic bag. Move slowly and quietly around the edge of a pond or small lake. The frog’s eyes will reflect the light from the flashlight. Approach the frog slowly and quietly to keep it from jumping away. Keep the flashlight trained directly in its eyes to blind it and gig it. Cut off its hind legs and put them in the plastic bag and throw the rest of the body in the water. Turtles will eat it. Skin the legs and fry them like chicken.
    I have been out frog-gigging before and speared catfish which swim close to the shore to feed.
    Wear some good high mud boots to protect against both mud and snakes.
    If you happen to gig a snake (even a rattlesnake), cut off its head and put it in the bag. Snakes are very edible.
    Skin the snake. The skin will come off the body like taking a sock off inside-out. Basically you’re left with a long row of ribs covered with the meat. The organs will be easy to remove; they’re pretty much gathered in the same area. Cut the ribs/meat into 3-or 4-inch sections and again, fry them like you would chicken.
    Even when it’s dead, be careful of the poisonous snake’s head – nervous reflexes in the body can cause it to bite even after death. The best thing to do is while the snake is writhing on the gig, get its head under your boot and cut it off while you hold it against the ground.
    After you remove a rattlesnake’s skin, slit it up its belly, stretch it out and tack it to a board and pour salt all over it. Leave the rattles in place. Once it cures completely it makes a nice trophy. Kids like to shake the rattles.

  3. RIGHT NOW,Food that came in by Truck is NOT being handed out like it was ment to be,FEMA AND PRIVATE CONTRACTORS are stealing the truck loads of food coming into huston,and surrounding areas,no one knows where their taking it,BUT the people who are driving the trucks say it being stolen…FEMA and the private contractors are shooting everyone they see and letting their bodies wash out to sea,many of the BOAT RESCUE people have been shot at by the private contractors,and the Local police gangs have been trying to take everyones GUNS away..IF anyone cares..

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