Do it Yourself Project: How to Make a Coffee Table Out of Pallets

Although we have seen many examples of coffee tables,  this DIY: Easy, Versatile Pallet Coffee Table reminds us just how easy it is to create lovely, versatile coffee tables with pallets. There was nothing complicated about this build. It only takes a simple preparation and then application of a good finish to make a fabulous table top. Then, make it fit into your decor by adding the custom feet of your choice. This crafter chose a simple set of hairpin table legs for a gorgeous retro feel.  You can see the process in the following pictures. If you build it, we’ll post it!

DIY: Easy, Versatile Pallet Coffee Table:

To begin, break apart one pallet and save the deck boards. Next, install the separated deck boards onto your 2nd pallet to create a solid table top. Then, add an extra board or two, depending on the table leg choice you make, to provide additional support. If more storage space is needed, you can fully clad both sides of the pallet to create deeper storage pockets.

If you want a little more elegance, fill any holes, cracks, etc. with a good-quality wood putty or filler and allow it to dry. Sand your pallet until it is to the smoothness you want. We applied a polyurethane clear-coat per the container directions, sanding between coats.

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DIY: Easy, Versatile Pallet Coffee Table – inspire us and send in your variations!

Variations are just about endless. Apply a stain to lighten or darken the wood. Paint it. Apply stencils. Perform pyrography. Decoupage it. In other words, allow your imagination to run wild. Have fun!




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