Our Populace Becoming More And More Dependent On Its Government Than Ever Before And Nothing Is Going To Stop Whats Coming

I’m not really sure why everyone continues to tell us the United States Economy is improving when its clear to see the middle class is being eliminated. As this happens our economy dies. Our economy doesn’t depend on the small percent of rich that lives here does it? No, that’s right it doesn’t. What about the poor? Well they don’t work or pay tax… the only thing they do is collect and use those created tax dollars. So you see that the brunt of our country is on the working class back. But the middle class is shrinking and shrinking. The gap between middle and poor is closing so fast its scary. As the middle class shrinks so does the economy and we are on a track to disaster.

So when is this Economic Collapse going to happen? Just look around you. Its happening as you read this. Its not some hyped up event with a specific date on the calendar. Its been in the works. But to think its going to crawl for ever at a slow near-standstill may leave you in the dust. Things are happening in real time that greatly affect us. Over the past 4 decades the US and Europe have piled up the greatest pile of debt in the history of the world. Our nations economy has been deteriorating badly… our populace becoming more and more dependent on its government than ever before and nothing is going to stop whats coming. Look at our nations plan over the next 4 years. We are just going to spend more money we don’t have.

I am called crazy from family and friends for even thinking like this. Most people I talk to think things are just fine. Usually I get a response similar to “Everything is just fine. The shopping malls are packed and people have the money to spend. I just bought a new 4-wheeler and no matter what happens our nation overcomes every obstacle.”

Your delusional. Just look around you. Anyway. A few fellas on our Facebook page have requested I write about some early warning signs that may point to a collapse, so here are a few that come to mind.

1)Violence gets an upgrade. Everywhere around us there are troubling signs that violence is picking up. When areas that were usually considered safe are seeing mindless acts of violence it may be time to worry. Between riots, mobs, flash mobs, burglaries and random shootings… crime is rising. Why? Because there isn’t enough wealth to go around. And the tougher things get the higher crime rises. Its intertwined.

2) China is moving away from the Dollar as a reserve currency. A big reason why the worlds reserve currency was the Dollar is because it was backed by gold. Well the US dollar is no longer backed by gold and America no longer produces anything. Consumers buy everything from China now. At any rate… China is hoarding gold and denouncing the dollar. Did I mention we owe then 7 trillion dollars? Do the math.

3) Your rights will be removed slowly. The government will try and take your guns. And it really will be for your safety. This is called future damage control. They can see the future better than we can. While we pay attention to sports and the next big movie they pay attention to other things going around them. They know our way of life is changing fast and if there is ever civil unrest the fewer people they have armed the better chance the government can keep control. This is happening right now.

4) Is it Forward or For-War. War. It cost the tax payers dearly while a select few make large fortunes. At any rate I thought Obama was an Anti-War president. That’s how he claimed my libertarian vote in 2008. Didn’t he say he was going to end war? Its 2013 and he has created more war and its partner in crime…debt, than Bush. Our deficit is being pounded. 17 trillion? How do we budget that?

5) Did someone mention budget? As of March 13th 2013 Obama told House Republicans that he’s not looking to balance the federal budget over the next decade but he is willing to negotiate long-term reforms to entitlement spending in exchange for new taxes. There are NO plans to fix this. I mean it. Nothing. We don’t have a budget.

6) Since Obama took office the number of long term unemployed Americans has went from 2.7 to 5.4 million. The total unemployment is over 13 million right now and whats worse is when peoples unemployment benefits run out they are removed from this list. No one is working anymore and we are far to dependent on a failing government.

7) Our nations economy has lost more than 220,000 small businesses during this recent recession. Mom and pop stores. Local family businesses. Working class businesses, well they are long long gone.

8)The price of gas was at an all time high last month for that month, February of 2013. I expect an all time high this summer. Electricity portions of ones utility bills have risen faster than the overall rate of inflation over the past 6 years. But the scary thing is that we do not control the gas coming in to our pumps. Other countries do. While our reserves are high we refuse to touch them, instead gouging our eyes out at the pump with 5 dollars a gallon of gas. This should be listed as a form of torture right up there with waterboarding.

9) Federal housing assistance went up over 43% from 2006 and 2010. We are no longer taking care of ourselves. We are no longer self sufficient.

10) All around cities are literally crumbling. The American Association of Civil Engineers states over 2.2 trillion dollars would be needed just o repair critical infrastructure in the US. That’s 12% of our nations overall debt. But we are spending money in all the wrong places.

11) NYC unemployment rate is over 10%. That’s higher than the last recession that rocked us. If SHTF larger cities like this will be in a blaze.

12) The US Postal Service is going to default on a 5.5 billion dollar payment to its future retirees health packages. Uncle Sam cant even take care of its own. Afraid yet?

13) The Federal Reserve states the Median net worth of the American family fell from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010. Is this a trend? With the rise of inflation and depletion of our income… we are eradicating the middle class.

14) All of our jobs are gone. We have lost more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities since 2001. How many jobs do you think that is? In 2010 we lost a a rate of 23 manufacturing facilities a day.

15) 53% of all US College graduated under the age of 25 were unemployed last year. I may have mentioned this before. Hello. No one is working. As for the ones that are… one out of every four American workers has a job that pays ten dollars or less. Did someone say the middle class was being eradicated.

16) 25 million American adults are presently living with their parents. What if Mom and Dad were not in a position to keep the kiddies in the nest? Where would they be? Draining an already depleted system.

17) America had the greatest manufacturing cities on earth. Now they are turning into barren hellholes. Just look at Detroit, a city on the verge of a financial collapse. Lawmakers are presently looking at “dissolving Detroit” as an option.

18) Credit card debt in the United States is now more than 8 times larger than it was just 30 years ago.

19) In 2001 the National Debt was less than 6 trillion dollars. Its over 17 trillion now and increasing by over 100 million dollars an hour. With no budget, it will never be corrected.

There are a few signs. If interested I can revise this list and add to it. So do you have an action plan in place yet? If not maybe it would be wise to start working on something.