World War 3 Is On The Horizon: Nuclear war seems to be the topic of choice in some parts of the world.

Nuclear war seems to be the topic of choice in some parts of the world. With the many conflicts raging globally and heightened tensions escalating between North Korea and the United States, I get the feeling as if we are at the precipice of a major catastrophe.

2017 is proving to be a very unstable year so far. Russian and U.S relations are at an all-time low, with the conflict in Syria displacing millions of its people and with the Israelis and Palestinians who are unable to come to an agreement, I think it is safe to say the world is in the crazy mode now.

With all of humanity’s technological advances and achievements, the one thing that we need the most so easily escapes our grasps, which is world peace.

The last major conflict was World War 2, which was before my time as I was born in 1980 in Kingston Jamaica.

Throughout my lifetime there has always been some form of conflict or another raging on in parts all over the world. So news of battles are not anything new as sadly, my peers and I are accustomed to hearing horrific stories and mind-blowing facts of our current world.

If you only ask someone what they think about World War 3, there are different answers. Some say it will never come in “my” lifetime, or we have heard of wars for years, and it is the same old thing. But on the other side of the spectrum, you have those who are labeled as preppers that take as much precautions as necessary against a major emergency.

Many wealthy citizens are preparing for an apocalypse, as the multi-billion dollar luxury bomb shelter business is booming. These underground havens are like beautiful palaces with all the conveniences you could ever think of.


But what if a major world war takes place? The superpowers of the world have gone past Nuclear and have reached thermonuclear. The United States have tested these devasting weapons of war since the early 1950s, which are thousands of times more powerful than the ones used against Japan in the second world war.

North Korea keeps threatening the U.S, Australia, Japan and South Korea with nukes. It seems as if world war 3 is top of mind for Kim Jong-un and he looks ready to deliver on his promises against his perceived enemies.

Even if a small nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India were to occur, the consequences would be devastating for the entire globe. Millions of tons of smoke would travel through our atmosphere, and block out the sun while dropping the temperature by many degrees. Our growing seasons would be in a state of absolute chaos, not a very nice outcome.

There are many scientific models which show what to expect in these scenarios. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the people behind the doomsday clock, have the nuclear destruction of our planet pegged at just 2.5 minutes to midnight.

Everyone is going to have their view on the current state of world affairs. Whether you think World War 3 is coming or not, at the very least you should have some plan of action for an emergency. In such an event, regular communications may go down entirely, and those cell phones we love so dearly won’t have much use.

So what do you think, are we looking at the possibility of a major global conflict that could end all life? Let us know in the comments below.