A Strong Persistence And Good Determination Are Crucial To Survival During a Very Difficult Time of Post Collapse

Persistence and Determination. They are often crucial & critical to success. I believe that it’s actually the secret to success and can be applied to nearly anything, any goal, and most any situation.

In today’s topic I’m going to apply those two words to high level preparedness and I believe that it will likewise be critical to surviving during a very difficult time of post collapse.

When it becomes increasingly and seemingly very difficult (regardless of what “it” is) there reaches a point or threshold where “it” may trigger you to become discouraged, frustrated, to give up or stop.

“It” might be a big project that you’re working on or it might be physical endeavor, an emotional time, a very difficult task, etc.. “It” could be anything.

We’ve all been there when times get tough. The thing is, can you even possibly imagine how tough it might get during a time of true post collapse survival? Really, think about it.

Most people today live unbelievably cushy lives given today’s modern conveniences, technologies, and infrastructure. It’s enough that we sometimes get frustrated with things during these “good times” however can you visualize the potential hardships which will pale in comparison when the difficulties accumulate in a post collapse world? Even the simplest things may become exceedingly difficult…

This is where my topic comes in.


Some of you may be familiar with the phrase “Embrace the suck”.
Translation: The situation is bad, but deal with it.

I must tell you from personal experience that when you’re into something to the extent that it either really sucks or you’re on a project where it has gotten very difficult, or deadline looming, etc.., it really works (it helps) to “Embrace the suck”, to be persistent and determined.

There is a mind barrier that you cross when you PUSH FORWARD. I’m not kidding. You reach a point where you just want to stop, delay, quit, take a break, whatever. But when you reach down deep and cross that threshold, you can keep on going. You can keep on dealing with “it” (whatever “it” is).

One thing that helps is to compartmentalize when you reach that point. Stop looking at or thinking about the big picture. You might say to yourself that the big picture looks bleak, hopeless, or impossible. However by focusing only on the immediate situation or task at hand will help you to keep pushing forward.

It’s easy to simply say that persistence and determination will help you succeed. But to actually be persistent and determined to the extent of success will be up to you and your mindset. I’m just putting it out there that these will be important attributes during tough times, should they ever come.

Next time you’re in a difficult situation, practice persistence and determination.


 Hope for the best and prepare for the worst During a Very Difficult Time of Post Collapse

Living under SHTF of this magnitude will mean:

– There will be no .gov assistance. They simply cannot and will not be able to provide at anywhere close to this magnitude. In fact under this hypothetical, there may be no effective .gov at all… Things will become very local / tribal.

– Economic collapse will have destroyed “the system”. All else dependent upon it will have crumbled too. That means pretty much everything.

– Products will not be pouring into our seaports from overseas like they are today, if at all. How much do we depend on overseas product? Lots (unfortunately).

– Social collapse will have torn apart the fabric of civility. Cities will have suffered enormous turmoil and death. A similar situation will have ripped apart most all densely populated regions while desperate people do what they do. Many will not survive it. Even many of those who “are prepared” will not make it there.

– Of course all stores of all kinds will have long ago been stripped clean of their useful inventory. More specifically, food supplies. Long gone.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

Since we’re talking about the hypothetical, we do not preemptively know the ultimate outcome. Maybe crisis resolution will come. Or maybe it will come later. Maybe it won’t come at all but morph into a new and permanent way of life.

Food for thought.