Russia and China breaking away from the US petrodollar system and, instead, relying on gold backed currencies, both the US and EU will surely collapse

A grim Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the High Command of the Aerospace Forces (HCAF) and China’s Central Military Commission (CMP) have reached agreement on the first strike (nuclear weapons) targets against the West after evidence was revealed proving that the United States is preparing a secret nuclear attack against China or Moscow—and that MoD experts note will cause the deaths of at least 70 million people within 6 hours upon the outbreak of war.

According to this report, Russian and Chinese military leaders began a series of meetings in the Kremlin beginning Wednesday (26 April) after confirmation was received that the US was deploying its THAAD Missile Shield in South Korea—and that Major General Cai Jun from the Joint Staff Department of China’s Central Military Commission warned about by stating: “China and Russia will take further action to counter this and to safeguard their security interests and the regional strategic balance of China and Russia”.

Likewise, this report continues, Lieutenant General Viktor Poznikhir, first deputy chief of the General Staff’s Main Operational Department, further stated that this American global missile shield was aimed at Russia and China presenting a serious threat to Moscow’s national security as it would allow the US to launch an unexpected nuclear attack against Russia—and who further warned: “The presence of U.S. missile defense bases in Europe, missile defense vessels in seas and oceans close to Russia creates a powerful covert strike component for conducting a sudden nuclear missile strike against the Russian Federation”.

With the West’s mounting incitements to war against Russia with no evidence presented for any allegation made, this report says, Franz Klintsevich, the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council’s Committee for Defense and Security, has warned these Western leaders that their militaristic-Russophobic rhetoric must stop before this unimaginable war begins.

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However, this report continues, Sergey Naryshkin, Russia’s foreign intelligence chief, is now warning that there is no end in sight to these provocations as the ideological war with the West now exceeds Cold War levels and hopes that common sense would prevail on the international scene have so far been misplaced, and who stated: “Our partners in the West have been unable to overcome the inertia…they continue attempts to talk to Russia from the position of strength and without regard for the international law…but I will reiterate that in relations with Russia, such tactics are futile…any attempts by the West to exert pressure on our country are absolutely unacceptable.”

Having failed in their economic warfare tactics against Russia, with the United Nations just reporting that Western sanctions against Russia have cost the US and EU over $100 billion, while the Federation has only lost $50 billion, and at the same time was able to create the “Miracle of Russia”, this report explains, Russia and China’s “first strike” this past week against the US dollar has enraged these Western elites “beyond all measure”.

Important to note, this report details, is that the West’s impetus for total war against both Russia and China is due to the Western economies all being caught in a death spiral of unimaginable debt they cannot pay—and with Russia and China breaking away from the US petrodollar system and, instead, relying on gold backed currencies, both the US and EU will surely collapse—most particularly due to the fact that America will no longer be able to finance its military power.

Also important to note in this report is its naming the main Western “power structure” pushing for total global war called Hedge Fundsand who are violently opposed to their bitter enemies called Banks.

Hedge Funds, this report explains, are investment pools used by Western elites to further enrich themselves and require an unending source of money they attain through what is called globalization, while Banks are financial institutions that accept deposits and create credit, but who do not require globalization to survive.

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So needed is globalization by these Hedge Funds, this report examples, is that during the 2016 US presidential election, they financed their globalist candidate Hillary Clinton with over $48 million, while giving the nationalist Donald Trump only $19,000.

Trump though, this report says, has sided with Banks against these globalist Hedge Funds—and whose largest one, Goldman Sachs, has placed nearly too many count of its bankers in the new president’s administration.

Critical to note about Goldman Sachs, who have put their nearly unmatched global power behind President Trump, this report explains, is that during the great Western financial collapse of 2008, they were one of the only two investment banks in America to survive (the other being Morgan Stanley)—but who where so decimated they had to borrow an astonishing $782 billion from US taxpayers, quit investment banking to become a traditional Bank, and by 2011 had paid back all of the money they owed and closed down their own hedge fund operation forever.

As to why Goldman Sachs broke from the failing hedge fund and investment banking model needing continuous globalization, this report continues, was revealed in late 2014 when they filed a patent application for a virtual currency called SETLCoin–that is an expanded form of any popular digital currency (like Bitcoin).

Not being told to the Western peoples about what Goldman Sachs is doing with its cryptocurrency SETLCoin master plan, this report notes, is how it is now poised on the forefront of not one of, but the most important technical revolution in history called Blockchain—that is going to change the entire world.

This report concludes, are all those who will be rendered obsolete in the new world that’s being created, most particularly Hedge Funds whose current paper currency models will evaporate and Western mainstream media organizations whose “fake news” will be exposed for the lies they really are—but who are furiously wishing for global war to save them, and over the past few weeks have chosen as their “champion” former President Barack Obama whom the giant hedge fund Cantor Fitzgerald has just given $400,000 for an hour “fat cat speech” and the giant ABC News network (through it’s A&E network) has given $400,000 more too.

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  1. generalmax | May 13, 2017 at 5:24 pm |

    China and Russia are backing their currencies with gold. Also the state of Texas is also working towards that goal. At least a few in this world still have a grasp on reality.

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