Russia is making sure that it is prepared for any eventuality, up to and including World War 3

With the geopolitical situation as complicated as ever, Russia is making sure that it is prepared for any eventuality, up to and including World War 3.

Moscow has outfitted hundreds of fighter-bombers with additional fuel tanks and in-flight refueling capability, augmenting Russia’s intercontinental strike capability. Russia has been constructing large numbers of military transport aircraft for foreign customers who do not exist.

Russia has been building and accumulating dry docks even though, at the moment, no foreign customers for them exist. Russia has recently fielded a new battle tank; a new state-of-the-art fighter; super-quiet submarines which can engage sea, land and air targets simultaneously; a new attack helicopter and sniper rifle.

Russia has developed a revolutionary new rifle-fired infantry weapon, the so-called vacuum grenade, which can give a single Russian soldier the firepower of a 155mm howitzer. Russia has begun joint production of this weapon with the Chinese. Russia now emphasizes the production of mobile ICBMs like the Topol-M, which are designed to evade satellite detection, permitting the Russians to cheat on arms control agreements.

Russia continues to develop nuclear weapons, sometimes with the use of U.S. funds. According to recent defectors, Russia is now working on a super-plague weapon.

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President Vladimir Putin says Russia will continue to develop nuclear weapons but doesn’t intend to use them.

The Russian leader made the comment in a documentary called “World Order

“Russia as a leading nuclear country will be improving this weapon as a containment factor; the nuclear triad is the basis of our nuclear security polices,” he said, referring to the three main delivery systems for nuclear warheads – bombers, intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine-launched ICBMs.

“We have never brandished or will brandish this nuclear club, but our military doctrine allocates it a place and role,” he said, according to excerpts reported by the state news agency Tass.

Putin’s death lorries are designed to launch nuclear weapons powerful enough to wipe out a major city.

Up to 400 vehicles including intercontinental ballistic missile complexes (ICBMs) have fanned out across the country in what the Kremlin is calling an anti-sabotage training exercise.

These vehicles can be hidden across the massive Russian landmass and would be extremely difficult for an enemy nation to find and neutralise.

The killer vehicles are being accompanied  on the drill by drones and military robots, as well a vehicle called a Taifun-M which scans the area for threats using radar and visual reconnaissance from an unmanned aerial vehicle.

It can also fry the circuits of roadside landmines using electronic countermeasure weapons.

Along their journey through Russia, the ICBMS will encounter simulated enemy attacks, helping nuclear units to prepare themselves for real war.

Drills will culminate in simulated World War 3 launch

Over the course of the latest patrol, the convoy will simulate navigating areas contaminated by radiation, seeing off ground and air attacks and dealing with enemy troops in Russia. The finale of the drills will see crews simulate a launch of the ICBMs.

In January Russian officials announced 16 ICBM launches this year. Last year there were just 8 test launches. Over the course of the year 120 command and tactical exercises will be undertaken in order to keep troops well prepared for any eventuality.

The strategic missile forces are made up of 40 regiments, along with support and security units. Approximately 6,000 personnel make up 500 operational crews that are constantly on duty.

Tensions with Russia continue to be a worry for the United States and its allies. Russia has demonstrated its continued military strength in Syria, despite economic troubles caused by low oil prices. To this day Russia represents a formidable enemy and should not be underestimated.

Mobile nuclear missiles are quite frankly a terrifying proposition and one that we must hope is never used in anger.

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