The end is coming and all you need to do is look around and see the reality… WAKE UP OR GET LEFT BEHIND IN THE COMING CHAOS!

There is a push to change the minds and hearts of a new generation being raised up. They are called Millienials and they may be the last generation that may usher in the Antichrist and the Return of Jesus Christ!! The end is coming and all you need to do is look around and see the reality of Bible Prophecy coming to pass. The love of many is growing cold and sounds doctrine of the Bible is being thrown out. Pay attention Christian. we are entering a time of spiritual crisis the likes we have never seen. Wake up or get left behind in the coming chaos!!!

HAVE you watched the news on television and wondered, ‘What is this world coming to?’ Tragic things happen so suddenly and unexpectedly that no human can predict what tomorrow will bring.

If you take into consideration all the signs, there is no mistaking that our generation is living in the last days, nearing the second coming of Jesus. Problem is, Satan can see how close we are to the end of the world, which is why he brings certain ‘end times groups’ into the spotlight, proclaiming false dates for the second coming, which when those dates come and go, causes many people to turn away completely from the truth. The truth being that we are living in the end times. The Bible is very clear on that. We just can’t set specific dates for Jesus’ return. But we CAN know when the end is near … And we are certainly now seeing “ALL these things”.

Before you read on, please note this important point. In Matthew 24, Jesus speaks of wars, earthquakes and such things, but says these are just the “beginning of sorrows” and “the end is not yet”. Now that word “sorrows” in the original language meant “birth pangs”, the pain in childbirth. Now birth pangs speak of frequency and intensity. And as a woman gets nearer the birth, the “pangs” become more frequent and intense. This is true also for the signs of the end times. These signs began not long after Jesus’ day, and as Jesus quoted, the end would not yet be, because this was just the beginning of sorrows. But throughout history we have seen the “pangs” (signs) become more frequent and intense, culminating in the day we live in now where the pangs are so frequent and intense that we must be right at the time of “delivery”, when Jesus is to return. So don’t let anyone fool you into believing that the signs today are just the beginning of sorrows and the end is not yet.

Many people don’t realize that spiritualism has also invaded the majority of churches around the world, due to this false teaching of the immortality of the soul. Yet the Bible clearly teaches that “the dead know NOTHING” , and that when we die we return to the dust of the ground from where we came . But the churches have embraced this false teaching of the immortal soul, which is another sign of the times we live in.

Mass animal die-offs are on the rise, Conflict and rages across the globe killing billions and raising Questions.

This one has become a fairly recent phenomenon. During the last few years we have seen fish, birds and other animals die in huge numbers. Since 2010, millions of fish have been turning up dead in lakes, rivers and the sea, with this deadly red tide partly to blame. Also, Birds have been dropping out of the sky in huge numbers. And we are seeing other unusual animal deaths all around the world. Including Bees and Bats dying in their millions.

We have been in the last age for over 2017 years! Conflict and rages across the globe. Disaster after disaster unfolds upon the nations. Economies are collapsing around the world and the refugee crisis is paralleled by the savage fallout from a global financial system running out of control. Animal life is diseased and dying. And wickedness and sin is rampant. Do you see what is happening?

The world is buckling under great pressure. War, violence, terror attack, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, tornadoes, mass animals dying. These things are just a fraction of the destroying forces raging throughout our world. Nature isn’t the only thing going wrong in our world today. Everything else seems to be going horribly wrong too.

“The beginning of sorrows” started nearly 2000 years ago with the persecution of the early church and the destruction of Jerusalem. We are living at the end of time.

For centuries people have read such passages in the Bible and concluded that, yes, the world as we know it will end. While not referring to the physical planet itself ending, the age of man—“this present evil age,” most assuredly will end, and in a series of catastrophes unparalleled in all of human history.

As Jesus described it, the culmination of man’s age will be unlike anything the world has ever seen—a time of “ great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now-and never to be equaled again .” He notes that, without God’s intervention to cut short these events, “ no one would survive ” .

God will finally intervene and at last establish an everlasting Kingdom of peace and safety, but only after mankind has learned through painful experience that it’s not wise to live in ways that, in effect, thumb one’s nose at our Creator.

Are you willing to learn that lesson now and receive protection from these coming disasters? At the end of Joel’s prophecy of the time of the end are these encouraging words: “And everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved; for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be deliverance, as the LORD has said, among the survivors whom the LORD calls”.

But you don’t have to wait that long. Why not get serious about your relationship with your Creator now?