We have started down a technological track with an unknown end. This addiction and this dependence on tech will either blossom into something beautiful or drive us to our end

Technology shrinks. Technology becomes more and more available. This is a constant. We have started down a technological track with an unknown end. This addiction and this dependence on tech will either blossom into something beautiful or drive us to our end.

I open with this short thought to help you understand that we will not be able to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of those who want to use them against America. On a micro yet terrifying scale, there are countries TODAY that hate us and have access to nuclear weapons. America has been able to keep them at bay using things like sanctions and diplomacy.

What happens when Kim Jong Un becomes one of the more reasonable villains in the deck? What will happen next as tensions rise against Syria? What happens when rebel leaders of terrorist factions get their hands on nukes? Worse, what happens when homegrown maniacs can develop dirty bombs and use them?

I want to look at the most likely nuclear targets from several different threats. Where are they going to attack? If the threat originates overseas which coastal cities are most threatened? If the bomb is smuggled in the city by terrorists what are we looking at then? If we are threatened by a domestic bomb that is developed on American soil what are the targets?



There are nine active nuclear power plants on the east coast from Vermont to Virginia. These cities and their metro areas contain over 50 million people! There are also 10 naval bases spread across this area as well.

If a payload were to be delivered and designed to create the most anarchy and death it would be somewhere along this corridor.

  • When you talk about devastating a large population: New York City
  • Military and Governmental devastation: Washington D.C
  • Military Installations and Nuclear Power Plant: Southern Jersey Coast


These motivations are much different from those listed above. The desire to take out military installations is less a factor. These attacks would be designed for casualties and effect. If they were to smuggle a bomb into this nation it would be used to insight terror and crush commerce. It would not be as much of a strategic strike. These weapons are not light and could not come over the border or onto our shores in a briefcase. If we are talking about devastating megaton bombs they weigh tons as well. In most cases, they would be detonated in close proximity to their arrival.

  • Smuggled from the Southern Border: Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Smuggled into Florida: Jacksonville or Miami
  • Smuggled into the East Coast: NYC or Washington DC
  • Smuggled into the West Coast: Los Angeles or San Francisco


Things get a little more complicated when we talk about bombs and weapons made within the fading borders of the US. If somehow a person could get the materials to build a viable nuclear bomb it would be massive and hard for the average person to move.

If a small weapon was created or a dirty bomb I imagine it would still be detonated near its place of origin. Rather than try to figure out where it would be detonated we should look at some of the targets inside the borders of the United States.

Assuming the terrorists do not target the aforementioned cities based on population let’s look at two targets away from the country’s coasts and border lines.

The country’s largest military base, Fort Bragg, is housed in North Carolina along with two working nuclear power plants. This makes North Carolina prominent location for an attack further inland.

There is a massive nuclear power plant in Ohio that is in the top 10 based on size. This plant could also become an inland target of a homegrown terrorist as well.

Not knowing where these weapons would be built or where they would originate makes it very tough to understand where they would be detonated. When it comes to homegrown terror we must remain vigilant particularly in areas that are heavily populated or areas that support military bases.


In the event of something like the Tsar Bomba if it detonates in your immediate area you will be incinerated by the blast and there is nothing you can do to prevent that. This is what makes these weapons so terrifying.

If you are beyond the blast radius you will still have to deal with quite a few threats:

  • Fires will be rampant
  • Nuclear fallout will be spreading throughout the area from high up
  • People will be panicking and desperate

You will have no control over where these weapons strike. The top 6 things you can do to prepare for a nuclear detonation or radiological disaster are as follows:

  1. Map your routes away from the area. Include several routes moving north, east, south and west. Be sure you have quick ways out of metro areas.
  2. Learn where is the closest natural nuclear bunker to your home.
  3. Get your hands on some potassium iodide tablets. This will add a layer of protection from nuclear fallout
  4. Plan for a BUG IN situation where you may need to use mattresses or other thick materials to build a safe area away from windows and doors where fallout and radiation could be highest
  5. Learn the wind. As goes the wind so goes the fallout. If its blowing away from your area you could avoid a bug out. If it’s coming towards you know that it’s time to go! Consider that you may not have cell service or T.V to get wind information.
  6. As always make sure you have a bug out bag ready to go that will keep you and your family alive for 72 hours at least. Provide entertainment, food, shelter and self-defense within these bags.

Nuclear war is truly the worst-case scenario but understand that these weapons exist and could be used against us. We must remain vigilant and prepared for such an event.

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