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Warning: This section is for hard-core programmers only! Just kidding. Anybody can learn coding with a bit of effort and of course, interest. I’m here to try and make it easy for you. Shortcuts, coding hacks and resources to help your learning journey; you can find it all here.

Top Products

Confused on whether to pick up the latest LED TV or that new VR gaming set you’ve heard so much about? Maybe you want some gadgets to make those tedious tasks easier. Let me help you out. Have a read through my latest recommendations on all things tech-related.

Tech Tips

Why is your Wi-Fi not working? Why did your smart thermostat stop responding to your commands? How can you optimize your laptop to work faster? Don’t worry—I'm here to make your life easier and turn you into a tech whizz in no time.

Apps & Software

Nowadays, there’s an app for anything you can think of. Web apps, mobile apps, business software, games; the list is endless. I love digging up the latest news on any useful software/apps that’s in the market. So, whether you want to know if the Call of Duty mobile version is worth it, or you are looking for the best workflow management app for your business, you can probably find something about it here.


Yep, of course, this is a section! How can a tech geek like me not enjoy a good video game? Gaming has many benefits, including problem-solving and boosting mental health - so it's no wonder that so many people enjoy them. I enjoy exploring new games on the market, as well as giving advice on the best gaming set-up accessories and other related content. So, gamers, young and old, amateur or pro, this one’s exclusively for you.

Chris Parker

Chris Parker

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Hi, I’m Chris Parker. Just a bit about me - unfortunately, I'm not Peter Parker's long-lost brother, but I am a big fan of the Spiderman comics and movies. Well, I do enjoy watching movies in general, but Marvel has a special place in my heart. Being involved in the tech world as part of my job, I'm constantly learning new information on the latest tech, advances in software and new additions in the gaming world - sounds thrilling, right? Well, tech encompasses just about everything that we do nowadays, so I have saved you the hard work by writing articles on all of these topics. So, thank you for reading and I hope you stick around!

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