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Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Hi, I am Chris Parker, the tech guy. I enjoy diving deep into the world of technology—both the serious programming stuff, and the fun gaming and gadget side. In this little corner of the Internet, I hope to cover a wide variety of different technology content—old and new, simple and complex. This is Survival Online 101, and we're going to thrive in the tech world, together! Readers, I hope you stick around.

Who Am I?

I work as a freelance front-end developer, but I've had a couple of corporate jobs a few years before. I grew up in Seattle, Washington. Did you know that Amazon's HQ is located in my city? Pretty cool, right?

Today's tech scene is so vast and constantly changing, which is why it can be hard to know where to start. There's so much to learn out there! Once the tech bug bites you, there's no stopping. Like Spider-man, I'm Techno-Man, you could say? Haha. Anyway. I thought I could push myself to gain more knowledge if I started a blog and shared it with the world, so here I am.

To be honest, for someone born in the early 90s, computers were like magical, revolutionary devices to me when I first saw them. I feel like I never lost that feeling of magic when using a computer as the technology behind them just kept advancing - AI technology, curved screens, and even laptops were an amazing concept having had the bulky desktop computers as a teen.  And I am so glad I never stopped being interested in it all because it is truly fascinating. background art

Got any burning questions you want answered?

Can you imagine how it would be if there was no Internet, no smartphones, or laptops? Well for starters, you wouldn't be reading this! There isn't going to be a time in the future that we stop using tech. This is why we need to equip ourselves with all the knowledge that we can to help us in our working life, as well as exploring hobbies.