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Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Hi, I am Chris Parker, the tech guy. Not your everyday tech repair guy who just fixes computers, but your tech guy who knows the ins and outs of the digital world. When people think of tech, they probably imagine a bunch of computers and wires that they can’t make sense of. But, there’s more to it. Technology in today’s sense of the word encompasses anything and everything that is related to the digital space. The space we are diving into now, and the space of the future. The future is TECH.

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It must be clear by now that I am passionate about tech. I love the deep dive into tech where I get to learn new things every minute. We all have lived in a time where we thought we know everything there is to know, and then a day comes when we realize that we don’t! There's so much out there than we know, or than we can possibly know. Whether that’s for your life, or for tech, it’s the truth. I have gone through that phase myself.

Got my first computer in middle school when my uncle bought it home, and I had no idea what to do with it. I would simply observe my friend who already had a computer, and be fascinated by the magic he’d weave with a keyboard and mouse. So, that got me more intrigued and I kept the curiosity alive. Then I started fiddling with the system at home, and managed to learn a couple basic things. It was almost like I was preparing for the future. Now, I am at a place where I have learned so much more, and yet there’s so much more to know! I gotta say though, it does feel awesome to know stuff now, and definitely felt awesome to know more than my uncle about the Pentium computer. background art

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In the digital world, we are surrounded by things that connect us in every way. There isn't a time in the future that would be without tech. So, join me in the quest for knowledge. Let us equip ourselves for the technological future ahead!