I am passionate about one thing... that's Tech

Hi, I am Chris Parker, the tech guy. Not your repairman tech guy but your tech guy who knows the "tech". When people say tech it generalizes everything, everything that is born in the digital world. The world we know now and the future.

Chris Parker
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Something more to know about me

I am passionate about tech. I deep dive into tech. We all have lived in a time when we think we know everything and a day comes when we realise there's something more than we know. I have gone through that phase. First computer at 3rd grade, learned everything by observing my friend who already had a computer. So I was like pre-prepared for it. It feels awesome to know stuff and it did feel awesome to know more than you uncle about the pentium computer.

Are you looking for some thing new to know about?

In the world of digital, we are surrounded by things that connects us in every way. There isn't a time coming in future that wouldn't be a world without tech. So join me in the knowledge of tech.