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Best Tips to Grow Your TikTok Engagement

TikTok is the biggest Chinese social media platform and is growing fast. It has over 700M users worldwide and recently beat Facebook in terms of monthly users by a huge margin. TikTok has a monthly active user base of 600-800 million from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Canada, Ukraine, and Egypt. 

TikTok is a video-based mobile app similar to Instagram that lets users take and post short videos. However, what distinguishes it from Instagram is that TikTok’s videos are limited to 15- or 30-second clips and its content is more varied, ranging from comedy to music videos to TikTok celebrities. 

Similar to many popular apps, anyone can sign up and start posting videos, but what sets TikTok apart from the likes of Instagram and Snapchat is that users can subscribe to other users’ videos, essentially “liking” them. The TikTok app also features options for star stickers and filters, and users can subscribe to TikTok channels as well.

How Do You Grow Your TikTok Engagement?

Are you looking for the Best Tips to Grow Your TikTok Engagement? Do you want your TikTok videos to get more views, likes, comments, and followers? Then try these proven tips!

  • Regularly post content. If you’re new to TikTok or you’re looking to increase engagement, there are things you can do. Besides having an awesome video, you also need an audience to see your posts. And the best way to get an audience is to post content regularly. Regularly posting content is proven to not only grow your audience but also increase your engagement. Posts on TikTok are shared more often than other social posts, so it’s important to post often. While it is not necessarily a “secret” tip, it is most effective.
  • Take advantage of the “For You” page. TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms of today. TikTok allows its users to record and upload short video clips. The TikTok ‘For You’ page is a feature that allows users to view the content posted by their followers. TikTok creators and artists can use the ‘For You’ page as a feature to get more and more followers. Moreover, it can help TikTok users get followers, likes, and comments on their videos.
  • Share memes as well as behind-the-scenes videos. One of the best tips to grow your TikTok engagement is to share behind-the-scenes videos and memes. These videos show users how to create their own videos, which inspires them to make and share their own. By simply sharing behind-the-scenes videos, you can increase engagement with your community and build a closer bond with your followers. You can even share these while live streaming, and viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at your stream and might even become fans.
  • Share high-resolution videos. TikTok offers a wide range of creative tools, including a variety of filters. Using these filter options, you can boost the quality of your videos by uploading them in HD. When you upload a video in HD, it will look sharper and clearer. It’s up to you how high you set your resolution.
  • Use the Question-and-Answer feature. Ask, and you shall receive. As one of the most popular social media platforms, TikTok offers a variety of features, including Q&A. The Q&A feature is one of the most popular features on TikTok. Why? Because it engages your followers! Just like on Instagram, followers can ask questions on TikTok. The questions can be as silly or serious as you’d like. Make sure that you answer questions with interesting content.
  • Reply to comments. Engaging with your fans is one of the most important parts of growing your TikTok audience, and replying to comments is the best thing you can work on. It’s a simple yet effective step that can make all the difference for your TikTok growth. For instance, when you reply to comments, it tells your audience that you care about what they have to say. That said, it’s important to make sure that when you respond to comments, you do it genuinely and respectfully.
  • Promote TikTok challenges. When it comes to creating a TikTok campaign, promoting challenges is one of the best tips to grow your platform engagement. One of the great things about challenges is promoting on other social media websites as well, using hashtags to share your content on Instagram and Twitter.

People love sharing videos on TikTok, but how do you get more views and comments on your videos? Believe it or not, the best way to get more views on your videos is with funny captions. Even if you’re great at making videos, most people won’t watch your videos if they’re not funny… and most people won’t comment if they don’t understand what you’re saying. So, make your videos funny with captions.